For exclusive clients we offer structuring and administration of private placements in selected high yield shipping segments. Along with our world class partners we carefully choose the right investment for the client and administrate the investments with or without active participation of the client.

Maritime accounting

We provide first class Maritime Accounting services for non-industry owners such as equity funds and private investors. These services include management reports, bank account management, cash flow, day to day accounting and assistance with preparation of annual accounts. Please contact us for further information about our maritime accounting services.

Fleet List

Vessels which are/have been under OptiNordic's management

Vessel Name Type Size Built Status
Coventry Bulk Carrier 82,464 DWT 2011 Operating
Gillingham Bulk Carrier 58,000 DWT 2010 Operating
Wigan Bulk Carrier 58,018 DWT 2010 Operating
Walsall Bulk Carrier 58,000 DWT 2010 Operating
Millwall Bulk Carrier 56,000 DWT 2011 Operating
Sheffield Bulk Carrier 55,783 DWT 2010 Operating
Southend Bulk Carrier 56,000 DWT 2011 Operating
Peterborough Bulk Carrier 55,783 DWT 2009 Operating
Sark Product Tanker 113,000 DWT 2009 Exited
Lihue Product Tanker 38,500 DWT 2005 Exited
Herm Crude Oil Tanker 115,000 DWT 2003 Exited
Pioneer Spirit Crude Oil Tanker 96,724 DWT 1993 Exited
Continental Spirit Crude Oil Tanker 97,000 DWT 1993 Exited
Burton Bulk Carrier 53,688 DWT 2006 Exited

About Us

OptiNordic is founded by Christan Falkenberg Husum. Having gained shipping experience while working for A.P. Moller Maersk and through a long cooperation with the V.Ships Group, Christian co-founded OptiNordic Shipping Limited with Dan Jespersen of 7C Shipping Limited. As a shipowner, Christian has worked with a number of International (US and European) banks and has structured and owned 5 commercial tanker vessels and 9 bulk carriers during the last five years.

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Our Address

OptiNordic Shipping Limited
Island House
IOM Business Park
Cooil Road, Braddan
Isle of Man
P: (+45) 4037-3908